Adding audio to your web articles has never been easier

Capture your users' eyes and ears like never before. News organizations trust Audiodub to bring life to their articles.

Audiodub in action on a news article.

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20+ languages & accents supported

Spanish, German, Hebrew, Italian, Hindi, and many more!
British, Australian, and American English accents.


5-min setup

Add 2 lines to your HTML. Or use our Wordpress plug-in. Either case, you will be done before your morning coffee is ready!


VoiceSwitch™️ for conversations

Audiodub's AI assigns unique voices to each character - creating an engaging listening experience.

Why Audiodub?

Ride the audio wave

  • Unlock high audio CPMs
  • Keep user engaged even while they commute, cook, or excerise
  • Publish podcast, audio-blogs, or on Clubhouse
  • Surface your content on Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Apple Homepod
Watch new listeners enjoy your content in a new way.
AI makes Audiodub possible.

Use SpeechAI to your advantage

  • Cutting edge Neural Speech technology at your finger-tips
  • Leverage human-like voices, VoiceSwitch™️ for an ultimate audio experience

Flexible pricing

Only pay based on usage

Save 20% with a yearly plan.

/ month
Perfect for monthly publishing.
  • 1 new article/month
  • 100 streams/month
  • Wordpress plugin, Web SDK
/ month
Perfect for daily publishing.
  • 100 new articles/month
  • 10,000 streams/month
  • Custom Integrations

Need more than 100 monthly articles or 10k monthly streams?

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