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Bring your work to the global stage by translating it to the 10 most spoken languages. Automatically.

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How it works

We use state of the art machine learning to transcribe, translate and synthesize a voice, transforming your content into a global product.

  • Multi-speaker support.
  • 20+ languages.
  • Assisted channel management.
  • 24/7 technical support.

Performance and Accuracy

We allow you to tailor your experience with Audiodub. Choose from high performance turn-around—literally minutes—and high accuracy transcriptions. We have trained human-in-the-loop pipelines to allow quality control through the entire process.

  • Verify transcriptions and translations.
  • Pick your own voice actors.
  • 8 hour turnarounds.
  • Zero hassle.

“Audiodub has been the easiest way to grow my channel by 20%.”

Markus, YouTuber
Routes of Change


“Wait... That was a fake voice?
Very cool. ”

Mother of CTO

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