Terms of Service.

Your content, your rules.

We respect your autonomy as a creator. Read below for specifics.

For you

Our goal is to respect all creators, and accordingly we make the following promises.

  • We will never knowlingly falsify your voice or words.
  • We will ensure quality at the negotiated level.
  • We will remove any indecent content posted as soon as we are made aware of it.
  • We will honor the wishes of the creator to the best of our ability.

For us

In order to join the Audiodub team, we require creators to follow these rules.

  • You will not send indecent videos to Audiodub for translation.
  • You will honor the negotiated contract.
  • You will treat the translated channels as though they were yours, and advocate for them accordingly.


If either party acts against the terms of service, any contract or agreements between the two parties is considered void. Please see the privacy page to learn more about how Audiodub handles privacy of its creators.

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